Polyflor are constantly striving to improve processes and products to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace. We have invested ca. £34 million in plant and equipment over the last decade, enhancing and expanding our product portfolio to provide added value for our customers.

The foundation of Polyflor’s success is our customer focus, and we work closely with contractors, specifiers and end users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation. Polyflor have dedicated personnel within its salesforce, technical department and design team to provide comprehensive customer support. The company has developed an extensive network of agents, distributors and wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout all markets, to ensure excellent product and sample availability.

Polyflor has over 20 years experience in delivering floor design solutions. From simple tile patterns, through borders and compass designs, to custom cut motifs large and small, Polyflor delivers!

Almost any area within a building can have a design applied to the flooring and we have many examples within the healthcare, education, retail and residential sectors.

There’s virtually no limit to the shapes, patterns or pictures you can create with the help of the Polyflor Design Service. We offer the precision and the flexibility of waterjet cutting, using a high-pressure stream of water 0.1mm thick to produce any design you require.

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