Axminster Carpets

Axminster Carpets are created in the town of Axminster, England. By using the original Axminster weaving process, they are made mostly from natural fibres, made in Britain and they are ravishingly, stunningly beautiful.

Because some aspects of the Axminster manufacturing process cannot be patented, there are other carpet manufacturers who can make ‘Axminsters’, but they are not the same as the trademarked British product. Our Axminsters are natural, British and beautiful, often 100% wool, jute backed, and in many cases made on eight pitch looms, the ultimate in quality, unique to the Axminster Carpets company.

We are proud of our association with Axminster and our showroom shows off their stunning range of products. Our knowledgable design team will be more than happy to help you pick the perfect Axminster carpet for your commercial property.

There’s something strikingly elegant about an Axminster carpet. The atmosphere and ambiance it creates, the feel underfoot, and the individuality it represents. When it comes to sourcing the right carpet for you, few others have more knowledge, expertise or experience than Axminster.

Here at Kendal Quality Carpets we are proud to offer a range of Axminster luxury carpets here at our head office. Please call us on 01539 730080 for the best prices on Axminster carpets

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